Impact Investing at Koda

Koda works with individuals, families, family offices, philanthropic foundations and non-profit clients to provide them with access to the best impact investment opportunities locally and globally.

Impact investment involves investing in companies, funds or organisations which aim to:

  • Generate strong financial returns for investors
  • Deliberately set out to have a positive social and/or environmental impact
  • Commit to measuring the social and/or environmental impact.

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Why might this interest you?

Impact investing is growing in popularity and relevance as investors become increasingly aware that their capital can be used not just to prevent harm, but to do good, while earning good financial returns.

What is Koda’s role?

Koda works with clients to design, implement, monitor and report on portfolios that include impact investments. We recommend thoroughly researched impact investments to clients and when doing so, ensure they fit each client’s objectives, risk profile and asset allocation strategy.

To learn more about our approach to impact investing, download our ‘Impact investing for private, non-profit & philanthropic investors’ brochure

If you would like to speak to Koda about impact investing, please speak to your Koda Adviser or email

“We’ve been helping our clients to make impact investments since 2018, and it gives me great satisfaction that they can build
portfolios that reflect not just their financial objectives, but their values and their desire to invest in social and environmental
change.” – Paul Heath, Founding Partner & CEO, Koda Capital

Koda is a proud member of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA)