Inside the Rope with David Clark: Ep10: Ben McGarry- Totus Capital Absolute Return Investing

We explore the way Ben invests, along with a number of themes that have led Totus to return greater than 21% p.a. since setting up the fund in 2012

Inside the Rope with David Clark: Ep9: Tim Carleton Auscap Asset Management

Tim is a founder and Portfolio Manager with Auscap Asset Management an asset manager with an annualised return of more than 20%. We discuss a wide range of topics including investment fundamentals, Bitcoin, China and how shorting companies can enhance returns with Tim.

How I Did It: Episode 5 Rebecca Scott

What does it take to be a successful social entrepreneur and a pioneer in the field of impact investing? As the co-founder of STREAT, Bec has learnt by doing. In this episode she talks about her work, what she’s learnt and how STREAT gives young people a sense of belonging.

Inside the Rope with David Clark: Ep8: House Prices and Interest Rates with Brett Gillespie

Episode 8: House Prices and Interest rates with Brett Gillespie Brett talks about his view on the outlook for house prices and interest rates and what will drive them. I reached out to Brett to arrange the interview after reading his article Burning down the House (

How I Did It: Episode 4: Ronni Kahn

How do you set up and grow Australia’s leading food rescue charity? According to Ronni Kahn, inspirational founder of OzHarvest, the answer involves love, belief, clarity of purpose and being clear that you are running a business.

Inside the Rope with David Clark: Ep7: How to get to 100 in great shape.

Dr John Cummins ( is a specialist physician who started a practice devoted to preventative medicine. In this episode, Dr John talks about how you can manage your health and lifestyle to live to 100.

Inside the Rope with David Clark: Episode 6 - James McNab - Fixed Interest and Credit

James McNab is the Manager of Acquasia fixed interest funds. Aquasia manages wholesale funds and syndicates, investing in a range of credit and fixed-income assets.

Inside the Rope with David Clark: #5 Cathie Wood-Investing in Disruption

Catherine D Wood is the CEO and CIO of Ark invest a New York-based investment manager focussed on disruptive innovation. In this episode, we cover Bitcoin, Driverless cars and other disruptive technologies that may shape our investment future.

How I Did It: Episode 3: David Gonski Part 2

This episode is the second half of our conversation with David Gonski. Listen to David talk about impact, preparing well, the value of listening and his passion for education

How I Did It: Episode 2: David Gonski

Listen to David talk about diversity, making a contribution, a chair’s role, innovation in the non-profit sector, asking for money and being a hopeless artist.

Inside the Rope with David Clark: Episode 4- Tiffany Jones

Managing significant wealth over multiple generations raises many significant challenges. These issues are discussed with Tiffiany who is a thought leader in the Family Leadership space. Tiffany brings a great skill set and expiernce to help families get “back around the kitchen table".

Inside the Rope with David Clark: Episode 3- Justin Borus- Investing in Israel

We discuss the opportunity to invest in high growth companies in Isreal with the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Ibex Investors.

How I Did It: Episode 1- Christopher G Oechsli

Episode 1: Christopher G Oechsli What does it take to lead one of the world’s foremost philanthropic foundations? Humility, clarity and a commitment to justice and equity. These are some of the ideas discussed with Chris Oechsli, President & CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies, the limited-life foundation set up and funded by Chuck Feeney.

Inside the Rope with David Clark: Episode 1 - Rhett Kessler

Investment Fundamentals with Rhett Kessler Rhett Kessler manages the Pengana Australian Equities Fund of $1.2 billion that has returned to clients greater than 11% p.a. net since inception. In this episode, Rhett takes us through the process and the way he thinks when he approaches investment.

Inside the Rope with David Clark: Episode 2 - Hamish Douglass

International and Technology investment with Hamish Douglass Hamish Douglass is Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Magellan Financial Group, and Lead Portfolio Manager of Magellan’s Global Equity strategies. Hamish is a former member of the Australian Government’s Financial Literacy Board, the Australian Government’s Takeovers Panel, the Australian Government’s Foreign Investment Review Board and the Forum of Young Global Leaders – World Economic Forum.

Top 10 Mistakes of the Australian Non-Profit Investor...And How To Avoid Them

This paper is dedicated to helping non-profit trustees, directors and committee members spot and avoid potential mistakes and common pitfalls.

Investing for Non-Profits: An Effective Investment Policy Statement

Investing reserves on behalf of a foundation, charity or non-profit organisation is a tremendous privilege, and one that comes with significant responsibility. It requires a fiduciary mindset, a willingness to thoroughly address all aspects of stewardship, and a robust investment governance framework. It also requires the organisation to understand how its reserve assets serve its mission, and requires sound processes and a carefully considered investment plan. An effective investment policy statement fortifies these requirements by drawing them together into a single cohesive document.

This paper is an extract from Koda’s ‘The Investment Policy Statement Handbook’ and explores the key issues and benefits for non-profit organisations in preparing, implementing, maintaining and complying with an effective investment policy statement.

The 2016 Koda Capital Giving Snapshot

The 2016 Koda Capital Australian Giving Snapshot is an analysis of the latest annual giving statistics released by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). 

Highlights of the Snapshot include:
  • Giving grew 11.7% (year over year) to $2.6 billion 
  • Increased donations into Public & Private Ancillary Funds contributed significantly to the growth in giving
  • Australian women gave more of their income to charity and a higher portion of women gave compared to their male counterparts
  • High income earners are significantly more charitable than commonly thought
  • 102,751 fewer tax-deductible gifts were made than the year prior

Seizing the Opportunity: Wealth Management After Liquidity Events

By Sean Abbott - Partner and Adviser at Koda Capital

The purpose of this paper is to present Koda’s research and observations into the common concerns shared by business owners following the sale of their business, and the critical role of specialised advice in addressing these concerns and providing the peace of mind to enter their next phase of life.

To get a copy of this paper please email or with your request. 

Preparing for the Future - Do or die for non-profit boards

Life for non-profits is changing rapidly, and in many ways dramatically. Non-profit boards face a future that looks nothing like the past - one in which they must deal with changes in government policy, increased regulation and accountability, rising costs, higher funder expectations, the need to prove impact, systemic change, tougher competition and the impact of digital innovation.

At Koda, in our work with non-profit boards we have observed a growing appreciation of the need for change. Many of the responses we have seen suggest boards are looking for guidance in relation to how they should move forward. This paper frames the strategic agenda facing non-profit boards, sets out possible solutions to key issues and offers practical steps by which those solutions can be implemented by a forward-thinking board.

Strategic Philanthropy - The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

In December 2015, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Dr Priscilla Chan announced their intention to pledge 99% of their Facebook shares – then valued at A$62 billion - to a new philanthropic vehicle known as The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. 

Koda believes the Initiative is a game changer with the potential to completely revise the way we think about philanthropy, charity and how to create social impact, thanks to its big picture approach and refusal to be bound by conventional wisdom.

In this article, first published in the 2016 Leadership issue of Generosity Magazine under the title ‘Why the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is a sign of the philanthropic times', we explain why.

Ensuring Your Plans For Your Super Become A Reality

If you are one of the growing number of Australians with self-managed superannuation funds, it is important for you to have a sound understanding of the benefits associated with them. Who is entitled to what, both during your retirement and after your death, varies greatly from situations where assets are held directly.

This critical part of estate planning should be considered sooner rather than later. Where you fail to plan, your superannuation benefits could end up with unintended individuals, family disputes and result in inefficient and adverse taxation implications.

Strategic Philanthropy - Leadership Insights

In August 2015, Christopher G. Oechsli, President and CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies visited Australia to discuss the foundation’s work. Atlantic, a limited-life foundation that will make its final grants by the end of 2016 and will close its doors by 2020, has so far distributed A$10 billion, including A$590 million in Australia. Atlantic’s visit also allowed Chris Oechsli to discuss founding chairman Chuck Feeney’s philosophy and practice of Giving While Living with a significant number of prominent Australians.

The collective insights of the philanthropic, academic, non-profit and business leaders Koda and Atlantic brought together were extraordinarily valuable. This paper distils and disseminates the philanthropic wisdom those present shared at a series of private events, for the benefit of a wider audience.

The 2015 Koda Capital Australian Giving Review

An exploration of Australian giving, designed to help those interested in philanthropy understand the giving landscape. The review sets out ideas to provoke discussion about how giving can be encouraged in Australia.

The 2015 Koda Capital Non-Profit Review

An exploration of the Australian non-profit sector. Designed as a tool to help non-profit leaders understand the landscape of the sector and compare and contrast their own organisation with industry trends.

Investing for Non-Profits

Essential questions for board and investment committee members.