Investing for NFPs: Risk Management for Investment and Finance Committees in the Time of COVID-19

20 Apr 2020

This document is a revised and updated version of ‘Courage & Care: Preparing for the Next Market Crisis’, which was published by Koda on 4 February 2020, a little over two weeks before the Australian stock market began its steep descent in response to the rising threat of COVID-19. What began as a health crisis quickly became a pandemic that made a victim of the global economy. At the time of writing, short, medium and long term health and economic outcomes are subject to unusually high levels of uncertainty. At this point, it looks increasingly likely that the people of this planet are in for a long and at times bumpy ride. While investors and non-investors alike would like to know ‘when this will be over’, so we can ‘get back to normal’, it is certain some of the changes brought about by this medical, social and economic shock will be permanent. But then, seismic shock and permanent change is the history of civilisation.

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