Adam Murchie – Picking the winners from the losers in prope

17 Nov 2020

Having an IRR of 26.4% across all transactions in property, Adam Murchie joins David on this episode of Inside the Rope. Adam is a specialist in funds management and investment and has worked in the property industry for 20 years. He and David discuss the strategies deployed by the team at Forza as they aim to provide investors with the best property investments possible based on their risk and return appetite. In this episode, Adam and David discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on property as an asset class as well as the future of office dynamics and work from home arrangements. Additionally, with COVID in mind, Adam highlights some of the successes Forza have had in periods of difficulty and explains their preference for ‘messy’ markets where he believes they are able to find good assets that are heavily discounted relative to their risk. Since inception to June 2020, Forza Capital has achieved an IRR on completed transactions of 26.4% net of all costs.

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