Adrian Redlich – Private debt in a rising rate environment

05 Sep 2022

Adrian again joins the podcast to the discuss the current economic environment and in particular, how it is impacting private debt and Merricks’ Partners Fund. Adrian is the CEO and CIO of Merricks Capital, responsible for the overall running of the business, acting as a group director and Chairman of the Investment Committee. Merricks has an impressive track record and has solidified itself as a leader in the private debt space in Australia.

During the episode, Adrian discusses the current impact on and outlook for the private debt market in an environment of inflation, higher interest rates and a potential recession. He highlights the current valuation issue that exists in Australia, whilst explaining why there is not a simultaneous supply issue. Adrian and David also compare the private debt market in Australia to markets overseas and discuss the advantages that private debt lenders possess in relation to banks. Adrian then gives his outlook for the current development and building industry and how it is likely to play out given rising costs, fixed contracts and a consequent difficulty to deliver profits.

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