Alex Hone – Providing predictable investment outcomes

23 Mar 2022

Alex joins David to discuss the Realside Capital Flagship Fund, a fund primarily focused on private debt that has delivered returns to investors of 13.45% over 12 months to December 2021.

Investing across Real Estate, Hotels & Restaurants, Industrials, Financials and Natural Resources; Alex and David discuss the return profiles that investors can expect from such assets going forward, as well as the returns Realside has provided to date.

Alex Hone has more than 20 years of investment experience having worked with leading global firms in both Sydney and London. His experience has included establishing and developing funds management businesses that in turn developed global reputations for investment excellence.

 Alex was previously the founding CEO/CIO of Atrium Investment Management. Prior to this, Alex was a Portfolio Manager with Magellan Financial Group and with Capital Partners (now CP2), a specialist global investment advisory and management firm. Alex commenced his career in the Treasury division of the National Australia Bank.

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