Andrew Rado – Casting a wide net: Investing in Australia’s fishing quotas

08 Jan 2024

This episode of “Inside the Rope” features David Clark interviewing Andrew Rado, the portfolio manager of the Longreach Maris Sustainable Seafood Fund.

Rado explains how the fund invests in Individual Transferable Quotas (ITQs) for wild-caught seafood, a system introduced in the early 1980s in Australia. This innovative approach combines ecological sustainability with economic efficiency. The ITQs regulate the total allowable commercial catch, balancing demand growth with a fixed supply, thereby increasing the value of seafood and the underlying assets.

The conversation covers the evolution of fishing industry regulations, from uncontrolled fishing to effective management systems. These regulations have shifted from input controls, like limiting fishing days or equipment, to output controls, setting caps on the quantity of fish caught, such as the current quota system.

Rado highlights the fund’s significant social impact, particularly its initiatives supporting young, regional, and indigenous fishers. These initiatives include helping them acquire or lease quotas, thus ensuring the continued vitality and sustainability of local fishing communities.

The fund’s investment strategy is backed by the demand for seafood, driven by factors like immigration and changing dietary patterns. Despite challenges like international trade disputes, the fund has demonstrated resilience and adaptability, finding new markets and maintaining returns for investors.

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