Andrew Rothery – Exploring private markets

28 Jun 2023

In this episode, David is joined by Andrew Rothery to discuss the opportunities and advantages of investing in private markets. Andrew highlights the broad range of assets that can find a home in the private market, including equities, debt securities, and alternative investments like oil and gas. He emphasizes that private ownership is more about the needs of the investor rather than the specific asset class.

The conversation explores Andrew’s positions as a non-executive director in various businesses, such as a deep tech incubator and a property development company focused on community-building. He also mentions his involvement with Blackbird Ventures and LeapFrog Investments, showcasing the growing venture capital and impact investing sectors.

Andrew stresses the importance of track records when selecting managers in the private asset space. He encourages investors to look for managers with a successful history and a proven ability to generate returns. Additionally, he highlights the role of advisory boards in managing conflicts of interest in venture capital funds. If this is done well, Andrew believes private markets can offer investors the potential for high returns, diversification, and the opportunity to invest in impactful and innovative businesses.

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