Ben Krasnostein – Working towards a zero carbon future

09 Mar 2022

Ben joins David to discuss Kilara Capital a fund manager that he co-found in 2017 that focuses on investment opportunities that work toward sustainable infrastructure and a zero-carbon future.

Comprising 3 distinct business lines including private equity, energy and infrastructure solutions Kilara invest in deeply sustainable businesses across four key themes including future foods, circular economy, energy transformation and environmental markets. They are project developers and asset managers focused on advancing the build-out of utility scale renewable energy assets alongside the development of bespoke, zero emissions infrastructure solutions to businesses invested in the ‘cooling economy’.

Ben has over 20 years of experience across corporate advisory, legal advisory, commercial transactions and deal structuring in a variety of industry sectors, including renewable energy, commercial property, sustainable finance and environmental markets. He leads the Kilara Growth Fund deal team and is responsible for overall management and strategy across the Kilara Group. Ben sits on the Kilara Growth Fund Investment Committee as an executive member.

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