Brigette Leckie – Exploring the future of global economies

07 Mar 2024

In this episode, David is joined by Koda Capital Chief Economist Brigette Leckie to discuss global economic performance, the impact of artificial intelligence on economies, and the implications of upcoming elections, particularly in the US, for the economy and investment markets. Brigette and David also touch on the current wars and their potential economic impacts.

Brigette shares her experience gained across the financial services industry and provides her outlook on asset classes, contrasting her views with the consensus on the street. The episode also covers a range of other topics, including the structural and cyclical aspects of economies, inflation trends, and the influence of geopolitical events on financial markets.

Brigette Leckie has worked in financial markets since the early 1990s. Previous roles have included Chief Strategist, Chief Economist and Head of Research at Australian, New Zealand and multinational firms including BNY Mellon, Alliance Bernstein, Perpetual and BNP. She has also worked in New Zealand Treasury and served on numerous public and private sector committees.

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