Charlie Jamieson – How negative yields can still provide po

17 Nov 2020

What makes for a quality government bond portfolio, and why should investors be attracted to them? In this episode, Charlie and David discuss the benefits of high-quality government bonds in what Jamieson Coote say can help defend and protect investors portfolios by providing income, liquidity and downside protection in a period of heightened volatility. Jamieson Coote Bonds managed approximately $5.25bn in assets before the COVID-19 Crisis whilst delivering returns of 7.64% over the last 12 months to April 2020 in its domestic fund. Referencing August of last year when Swiss government bonds were yielding minus 1.1%, yet the total return of the relevant index year to date at that time was 14.5%, Charlie highlights the potentially ‘eye-watering’ returns that can still present themselves while bond yields are negative.

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