Chris Joye – Where to hide from inflation

09 Jun 2022

In a rising rate environment, Chris Joye joins David to discuss where investors should look for returns going forward. Throughout the episode, Chris covers a range of different asset classes, such as Private Debt, Bonds, Property, Equities and Cryptocurrencies.

Chris also touches on how far he expects the RBA to raise rates, and the broader consequences on asset prices such as his expectations of a 15-25% reduction in residential real estate prices as rates continue to rise.

Finally, David and Chris also discuss recent geopolitical events such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as the additional ongoing risks that geopolitical events pose to financial markets and asset prices.

Chris founded Coolabah Capital back in 2011 and is also contributing editor to the AFR. Prior to starting Coolabah, Chris worked at both Goldman Sachs and the RBA.

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