David Witkin – Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies

03 May 2021

Beryl Capital is a strategy run by David Witkin that has typically invested in merger arbitrage opportunities. This strategy has delivered investors net returns over 20% p.a. since inception in June 2011 to March 2021.

However, David joins the podcast again to discuss the strategies transition towards also investing in SPACS – Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies. He touches on what a SPAC is, the structure of the deals, the potential risks and the potential upsides.

David is a 2001 graduate of Harvard University magna c*m laude in Economics, whose senior thesis was about merger arbitrage. His merger arbitrage career started in 1998 when he left college for one year to work on the arbitrage desk at Bear Stearns & Co., Inc. Mr. Witkin worked as a merger arbitrage analyst at Bear Stearns, Mason Capital Management, Citigroup Alternative Investments and Hayground Cove Asset Management before managing his own money in 2009 and his first outside capital in 2011.

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