Dr Craig Collie – Ozempic and beyond, inside the weight loss drug revolution

21 Mar 2024

In this episode of “Inside the Rope,” host David Clark welcomes back Dr. Craig Collie from Regal Funds Management to delve into the groundbreaking developments in the field of weight loss drugs, particularly focusing on Ozempic, a GLP-1 category drug revolutionizing obesity treatment. Dr. Collie, who runs the Regal Healthcare Long Short Fund, shares his expert insights on how this new category of drugs is poised to transform the healthcare industry and wealth management strategies.

Listeners are given a comprehensive overview of Ozempic’s potential market impact, underscored by Dr. Collie’s projection that it could become a sales giant, surpassing current leading drugs by a significant margin. The episode explores the drug’s secondary benefits, its implications for the healthcare sector, and its broader economic effects. Dr. Collie also discusses the strategic positioning of Regal Funds Management in the healthcare investment landscape, highlighting the inefficiencies and opportunities in the healthcare market.

Craig began his career as a medical doctor working predominately in accident and emergency across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. After completing his MBA at Cambridge University, Craig worked at the Boston Consulting Group in Sydney and New York providing strategic advice to corporations, predominately within the healthcare and financial services sectors.

Immediately prior to joining Regal in 2016, Craig was Head of Healthcare Research at Macquarie Securities Group for five years. Craig holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Otago, an MBA from the University of Cambridge and continues to hold full medical registration in Australia.

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