Erik Sprinchorn – Nordic Innovation

14 Dec 2021

David is joined by Erik Sprinchorn of Tin Fonder’s New Technology fund. The TIN Fonder New Technology fund is an equity strategy that invests in technology, health and digital brands and has been able to generate returns since inception from March 2019 to November 2021 of over 35% p.a.

The fund invests in technology-driven growth companies with a focus on the Nordic region. Tin Fonder started the New Technology strategy with the belief that digital assets will become more valuable in the future. They believe that a mutual fund with innovative companies should be the core rather than the spice of long-term savings.

Erik has worked at TIN Fonder since its inception in February 2019. In recent years, Erik worked at Swedbank Robur with a focus on managing small cap funds, including the Swedbank Robur Ny Teknik fund. Erik has previously worked within equities and portfolio management since 1995 at Swedbank Robur, SEB Enskilda, Alecta and Brummer & Partners.

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