Frank Macindoe – Experience matters

17 Nov 2020

Fellow Koda Partner Frank Macindoe joins David in the latest episode of Inside the Rope to discuss his extensive career in both commercial law and financial advice, as well as the success he has achieved as an avid investor in Australian equities. Within their conversation, Frank gives an overview of the diversified portfolio of Australian equities that he manages. This portfolio (the Koda Enduring Equities Portfolio, also known as ‘KEEP’) aims to invest in strong businesses with a focus on long term value creation and capital preservation, and has significantly outperformed the index since inception 12 years ago. Frank and David also cover the importance of the term “enduring” and why it is relevant for the holdings within the portfolio. Frank began his career in law and worked as a commercial lawyer for 20 years before eventually following his long-standing passion for investing and shifting to financial advice.

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