Frank Macindoe – Finding the right companies for long-term growth

26 Jul 2023

In this episode of “Inside the Rope,” host David Clark interviews Frank Macindoe, a Koda Partner & Adviser that oversees the Koda Enduring Equities Portfolio of ASX-listed shares. The portfolio has achieved an impressive compound annual growth rate of approximately 14% p.a. over the past 15 years. Frank delves into the current economic landscape, characterised by the end of a long period of declining interest rates, low inflation, and the pandemic’s impact. Despite the prevailing uncertainties, Frank adheres to a long-term investment approach, seeking companies that surpass the broader economy, possess competitive advantages (such as intellectual property or scale), and are not heavily reliant on capital. He emphasises focusing on companies with growth potential over a five-year horizon.

Throughout the conversation, Frank expresses optimism for healthcare sector companies like Cochlear, CSL, and ResMed, which faced challenges during the pandemic but are expected to thrive as healthcare returns to normal. However, he avoids investments in banks due to increasing regulatory constraints. Frank also voices concerns about rising bond rates and inflation, which could pose challenges for long-term growth companies. Additionally, he mentions potential risks related to China’s economy, US politics, and geopolitical tensions. Regarding artificial intelligence (AI), Frank recommends investing in companies that can leverage AI rather than attempting to pick the ultimate AI technology winner. He notes that businesses with a significant workforce may be vulnerable to AI-driven disruptions.

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