Frank Macindoe – Half a year on, Koda’s Enduring Equities Portfolio

20 Apr 2021

Following on from their discussion late last year (2020), fellow Koda Partner Frank Macindoe joins David in another episode of Inside the Rope to provide an update on the recent performance of the Koda Enduring Equities Portfolio (KEEP), along with his outlook on markets, specific sectors and the ongoing discussion regarding value vs growth.

Frank and David touch on the trends that helped provide this return, as well as how Frank is thinking about markets at the moment. Frank and David also delve deeper into the investment thesis behind infrastructure assets such as airports, as well as the implications of COVID and their broader outlook going forward.

Over the twelve months to 31 March 2021, the Koda Enduring Equities Portfolio is up 59.76% compared to the ASX200’s return of 37.47%. Over 3 years, the reference portfolio has returned 18.58% p.a. compared to the ASX200’s return of 9.64% p.a.

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