Frank Macindoe: The art of long term investing

07 Feb 2024

In this episode of “Inside the Rope”, David interviews Frank Macindoe, advisor and partner at Koda Capital, who manages the Koda Enduring Equities portfolio. This portfolio, focusing on ASX-listed shares, has achieved an impressive compound annual growth rate of over 14.8% over 15 years to November 2023. The discussion revisits the fund’s performance, noting a 10% increase in the final quarter of 2023, despite the challenging period discussed in a previous episode six months prior.

The conversation also honours the late Charlie Munger, highlighting his profound impact on investment strategies alongside Warren Buffett. Frank shares insights on navigating the current volatile geopolitical landscape, including the uncertain outcomes of the upcoming US and India elections, and how global tensions affect the markets.

Frank emphasises the importance of maintaining a long-term investment perspective in the face of short-term market fluctuations. He details the rationale behind portfolio management decisions, focusing on understanding future cash flows and the implications of changing discount rates due to fluctuating interest rates. The discussion highlights the resilience required to adhere to long-term investment philosophies amidst market volatility.

Frank also explores potential market influences in 2024, including geopolitical events and economic policies, with Frank and David distinguishing the differences between fundamental changes and temporary market trends in investment decision-making.

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