Frank Macindoe – The impact of bond markets on equity valuations

03 Aug 2022

In what has been a challenging quarter for growth companies, fellow Koda Partner Frank Macindoe joins David in another episode of Inside the Rope to provide an update on the recent performance of the Koda Enduring Equities Portfolio (KEEP), along with his outlook on markets, broad market concerns such as inflation, the risk-free rate, and company valuations.

Frank highlights the rise of 10-year government bond rates and the implications this move has had on equity markets. He also touches on several companies that he currently likes, and why in his view their share prices don’t accurately reflect the future prospects of their businesses. Finally, Frank and David also cover the areas of the market that Frank is currently finding attractive and those that Frank is pro-actively trying to avoid.

Over the twelve months to 31 May 2022, the Koda Enduring Equities Portfolio is down -0.76% compared to the ASX200’s return of 4.84%. Over 10 years though, the reference portfolio has returned 17.42% p.a. compared to the ASX200’s return of 10.36% p.a.

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