Cooper Stainbrook – Unpacking the office space exodus

16 Aug 2023

In this episode of Inside the Rope, David is joined by Cooper Stainbrook of Ibex Investors to delve into Cooper’s recent research on commercial real estate and the potential economic risks. The episode begins by addressing the global trend towards remote work, discussing its potential to drive corporations to scale back their office footprints, possibly affecting office property values.

David and Cooper also shed light on the precarious terrain for real estate investors, emphasising sharp declines in property transaction volumes and uncertain asset values. They also discuss the challenges confronting regional banks in the US. These banks have significantly increased their exposure to commercial real estate mortgages, potentially at the least opportune moment. If these banks suffer losses, Cooper argues that we could be looking at broader economic ramifications, including a reduction in credit availability.

Cooper joined Ibex Investors in 2017 to assist with the research and portfolio management of Ibex strategies. Prior to joining Ibex, Cooper was a member of a four-person investment team managing over $4 billion at Edgehill Endowment Partners. Cooper graduated with a B.A. in Economics from Yale University in 2015.

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