Chris Andrews – Returns from disciplined lending

10 Dec 2020

In this episode, David speaks with Chris Andrews, the Chief Investment Officer at La Trobe Financial. La Trobe Financial manages a book of mortgage-backed loans on behalf of investors aiming to receive returns over those provided by traditional cash alternatives in exchange for an acceptable level of risk. David and Chris discuss La Trobe’s flagship product the 12-month term account, which as at the 24th of November, offers investors a return of 4.35% p.a. net of all fees. This $3.5bn strategy is comprised of over 6,000 first ranking secured mortgages across Australia with a maximum LVR of 75% and as at the 24th November has an average LVR of 63%. Since its inception in 2002, the strategy has not lost any investor’s capital. As Chief Investment Officer at La Trobe, Chris oversees $12bn of investment opportunities each year, of which La Trobe settles approximately $5.5bn to 6bn whilst maintaining a strict level of discipline.

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