Jason Coggins – Portfolio Construction

16 Nov 2023

In this instalment of Inside the Rope, David welcomes Jason Coggins, previous Head of Investment Research at Koda Capital. Jason delves into the nuances of building investment portfolios, the dynamics of public and private market investments, as well as the importance of choosing the right investment managers.

He underlines the crucial aspect of tailoring portfolios to meet client expectations, ensuring both technical robustness and effective organisational execution. Jason stresses the critical role of client involvement, the wealth of experience, and the synergy between client objectives and manager commitments to their own strategies.

Further, he explores the concept of the opportunistic investment segment, which encompasses strategies with a longer time horizon, advocating for a cautious and methodical approach to capital allocation to mitigate the risk associated with timing in investments. This approach also involves avoiding an over-concentration in sectors like commercial real estate, tapping into global partnerships for enriched investment perspectives, and acknowledging the implications of fund size on performance.

The conversation also covers the pivotal role of a manager’s historical performance and the strategic importance of risk diversification within a portfolio as a means to minimise potential losses and sustain returns.

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