Juan Penelas – Outlandish returns from natural gas derivatives

20 Dec 2022

Andrew joins David to discuss the Longreach Energy Income Fund, a fund that targets a total return of 20% p.a. (net of fees) inclusive of an income return target of 8% p.a. by investing in US energy through real assets, such as producing land and mineral interests.

Juan Penelas joins David to discuss e360 Power, a Texas-based asset management firm founded in 2009 designed to generate superior absolute returns through fundamental discretionary trading strategies in the North American electricity, global natural gas and related energy futures & options markets. Since its inception in November 2009 to October 2022, the strategy has returned 36.2% per annum (AUD),

Juan is a member of the Investment Committee and a Portfolio Manager with trading responsibility across power and related portfolios including power volatility. Prior to establishing e360 Power, Juan was a senior power and gas trader at Griffon Energy Capital, LLC (“GEC”) where he co-headed the power desk. Prior to joining GEC, Juan was the head of PJM Power Cash Trading for American Electric Power Energy Service (“AEP”). Juan has worked internationally in the energy and metal industries in a range of finance-related roles. Juan has a degree in engineering (BS/MS) from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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