Justin Ryan – The real world of private equity

20 Sep 2023

In this episode, David chats with Justin from Glow Capital Partners about the ins and outs of finance, private equity, and investment strategies. They navigate Justin’s career path, touching on the value of patience in investment decisions. The two also dive into the complexities of business valuation and address some common perceptions about private equity investors. Going beyond the stereotype of simply enhancing businesses for a quick profit, Justin explains Glow’s dedication to nurturing sustainable, long-term businesses and highlights the role of positive company culture. They wrap up with a brief discussion on Glow’s new investment fund and its potential appeal to investors.

Justin Ryan is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Glow Capital Partners, a private equity firm with a focus on investing in innovative and growing companies.

Justin began his journey in private equity investment in 1997 with Catalyst Investment Managers and later spent significant time at Quadrant Private Equity. In 2003, he took on a leadership role at the Australian Venture Capital Association, now rebranded as the Australian Investment Council.

Throughout his career, Justin has been involved in 22 private equity investments, with the majority already exited. Several of these investments have garnered recognition from the Australian Investment Council. Beyond his investment work, Justin has operational experience from his time as CEO and Managing Director of Alesco Corporation, a company with a diverse portfolio of industrial brands, which was acquired by Dulux Corporation in 2011.

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