Kenny Arnott – Asymmetric Investing

06 Apr 2021

Producing annualized returns of 23.33% p.a. since inception May 2013 to Feb 2021, the Arnott Opportunities Fund has outperformed the MSCI by over 15% p.a.; and in this episode, David and Kenny discuss both the evolution of Arnott Capital and the approach taken by the team to generate such ‘asymmetric returns’. That is, in Kenny’s words “Finding ideas with a lot of upside and not a lot of downside”.

Kenny Arnott has thirty years experience in equity and commodity markets. Prior to founding Arnott Capital, Kenny was at Macquarie Bank from 1994-99 in the Commodity and Equities Group as a derivative trader. From 1990-94 he was at Dunavant Enterprises, employed as a commodity trader. Dunavant Enterprise at the time was the largest cotton trading firm globally.

Arnott Capital is a boutique absolute return fund manager founded in 1999, by Kenny Arnott, with the vision of delivering Asymmetric returns for investors. The firm is solely owned by staff and is a significant investor in the strategy alongside external investors.

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