Kim Morrison – The role of institutional capital in agriculture

18 May 2023

In this episode of Inside The Rope, David is joined once again by Kim Morrison, the Chief Investment Officer at Argyle Group.

Kim joins David to discuss the Argyle Water Fund, a fund that aims to provide investors with opportunities to invest in water rights and agricultural assets in Australia. By investing in these assets, the fund seeks to generate long-term returns for its investors while supporting the growth and development of the agricultural sector. By investing in water rights, the fund helps farmers unlock capital from their balance sheets, allowing them to transition to high-value crops and undertake long-term developments. This enables farmers to access their own private capital, leading to increased capacity to make their operations more sustainable.

The episode also highlights the stability of the legislative framework governing water rights in Australia. Including the deliberate processes implemented by the government, including buybacks, to balance water allocation between environmental flows and consumption. Kim also covers the concerns about environmental impacts, such as fish deaths, which can be attributed to natural factors like rainfall and flooding, rather than excessive water extraction by agriculture.

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