Mark Barker – Decoding global market dynamics

23 Aug 2023

In the latest episode of Inside the Rope, David Clark sits down with Mark Barker, Head of International at GQG Partners, a renowned asset management firm. Mark retraces his journey, originating from his early days in London’s hedge funds back in 1985, and eventually leading to the birth of GQG in 2016.

Mark also covers GQG’s investment strategy, which is anchored in delivering modest performance above the benchmark. Since inception in June 2017, the fund has been able to do this, with returns of 14.10% p.a. net of fees to 31 July 2023, compared to the MSCI All Country World Index’s 10.69% p.a. Mark also outlines how GQG develops a comprehensive global perspective, emphasizing the nature of emerging and developed markets, yet also noting the challenges they pose.

The conversation also shifts to GQG’s current market analysis, especially the post-pandemic shift from emphasising production to valuing profitability. Additionally, Mark and David discuss the enduring demand for oil, even as the world vigorously marches towards green energy solutions. Reflecting on GQG’s decision to divest from tech in 2021, Mark offers a candid insight into the company’s dedication to growth and adaptability. Amidst looming uncertainties around the U.S. economy, Mark still exhibits a level of optimism, citing recent economic trends. In concluding the episode, Mark suggests a bright future for active management but emphasises the importance of managing return expectations for clients.

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