Michael Gutman – Navigating Australia’s Real Estate Future

12 Oct 2023

In this enlightening episode, guest Michael discusses the current state and future predictions for the Australian real estate and investment markets, highlighting the challenges posed by projected population growth and supply chain issues. He details how an influx of one and a half million people is affecting housing supply, stimulating discussions among politicians and media alike.

Michael points out the increasing demand in industrial sectors due to the rise of e-commerce and logistics, with a parallel decline in traditional retail spaces, a trend exacerbated by the pandemic. He also touches on the unstable conditions of the office and retail property markets, recommending prudence due to the observed downturns, especially in the U.S.

Michael emphasises the importance of focusing on sectors with robust fundamentals, like residential and logistics, and the need for adaptability in a fluctuating market landscape. He talks about the importance of aligning investment strategies with the ever-changing market needs, such as sustainability and decarbonisation, especially during global upheavals. The conversation rounds off with insights on the necessity of aligning managerial interests and having ‘skin in the game’, offering listeners an understanding of the ongoing dynamics in Australian investment and real estate sectors.

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