Michael Lukin – Sidestepping the J-Curve

06 Sep 2023

In this episode, David Clark engages in a detailed discussion with Michael Lukin from Roc Partners about the intricate realm of private equity. Looking forward, Michael provides insights into the anticipated investment surge in 2024 due to overcommitment in private equity investments.

Michael delves into the complex trading process, emphasising the pivotal role of the brokerage market, proactive outreach, and the special bonds formed directly with private equity firms. A significant point to note is Roc Partners’ unique advantage in their information, allowing them to capitalise on opportunities that aren’t available in public markets. Michael further underscores the firm’s commitment to aligning their goals with those of their clients, by investing in the funds alongside clients. The conversation between David and Michael also touches on Roc Partners’ distinct fund structure, which includes a six-year liquidity option, designed to adapt to the evolving demands of investors.

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