Phil King – Don’t get too bullish too early

17 Nov 2020

Regal Small Companies fund has returned 18.4% p.a. (as at April 2020) since inception (Feb 2015). As part of the COVID-19 Special Episodes, David chats with Phil King of Regal Funds Management. Late last year when David last spoke with Phil, Phil believed that it was a great time to invest. However, throughout this episode, Phil argues that it’s important investors change their portfolios as the facts change. Investors should constantly ask themselves, “Is my thesis still valid?”, and as we have seen, Covid-19 has largely disrupted everyone’s thesis. Despite the recent bounce in markets, Phil thinks that it will be a while before we see the true bull market return, however, he highlights the opportunities presenting themselves in the small to mid-cap space of Australian equities compared to the traditional high yielding value traps that many Australians have typically favoured. Since inception (Feb 2015) the Regal Small Companies fund has returned 18.4% p.a. (as at April 2020).

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