Phil King – Listening for opportunities

21 Feb 2024

In the “Inside the Rope” podcast episode, host David Clark interviews Phil King, the Chief Investment Officer and co-founder of Regal Funds Management. King discusses his passion for investing and the enjoyment he finds in working with top companies worldwide and building a successful team at Regal. Despite his significant achievements, Phil is noted for his humility and simple lifestyle, emphasising substance over appearances in both his personal life and investment strategy.

Phil shares insights into his approach to investment, highlighting the importance of curiosity, good listening skills, and an ability to remain unaffected by market fluctuations. He talks about Regal’s strategic focus, including their trading approach, long-term investments, and the rationale behind their portfolio turnover rate. The discussion also touches on the success and volatility of Regal’s small companies fund, underscoring the balance between risk and reward in investing in small-cap companies.

The conversation also touches on Phil’s vision for Regal, aiming to attract top industry talent by creating a prestigious and successful firm, similar to Barcelona FC in the sports world. Phil also provides his perspective on the macroeconomic environment, the impact of the Chinese economy, and Regal’s position on various sectors, including resources and battery metals.

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