Rajeev Gupta – Creating alph‪a‬

18 Jan 2021

Rajeev Gupta of the Alium Alpha Fund joins David to discuss his career to date, the history of the Alium Alpha Fund, and the businesses that it invests in.

In what Raj calls a “Crossover Fund”, he explains how the Alium Alpha fund focuses on investing in both private & public companies; with a particular focus on providing later-stage funding to Technology & Innovative companies intending to list on the ASX in the future. The fund targets an annualized return of 20-25%.

Rajeev has 20 years of experience analysing, investing & building technology companies. Rajeev began his investment career at Goldman Sachs, where he worked for almost a decade in the investment group in Hong Kong, Singapore & New York with a focus on listed & unlisted technology companies. Rajeev then utilised his technology investment experience as a portfolio manager at both Tribeca & Merricks Capital where he ran global technology funds. He then built his own 25-person technology startup called Geckolife, before establishing Alium Capital. Rajeev has an Honours degree in Finance & Econometrics from the University of Sydney.

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