Tim Carleton – Finding value in large-cap global equities

17 Nov 2020

Tim Carleton from Auscap joins the podcast for a second time to discuss his new Global Equities Fund as well as the recent performance of the Long Short Australian Equities Fund. Currently invested in names such as Capri, Google (Alphabet), Microsoft and Visa, the new Auscap Global Equities Fund is an absolute return focused fund that targets high-quality value stocks. Tim highlights that the fund has a bias towards both developed markets and well known large-cap stocks with firm levels of governance. The fund which also has the ability to short similar to the Australian Equities Fund targets 10-15% annualised return opportunities for each company that it invests in. Tim also touches on both the recent performance and opportunities in the Long Short Australian Equities Fund. Following a difficult year in 2018 and a recovery for the fund in 2019, Tim is bullish on the outlook of the Australian economy, with indicators such as unemployment rates, terms of trade surplusses and high commodity prices supporting his view.

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