Tom King – Navigating the seas of sustainable investing

21 Mar 2023

Tom joined Nanuk in 2009 as a director of the firm, the firm’s chief investment officer and one of the firm’s portfolio managers with approximately 20 years’ investment industry experience in equity funds management, investment banking and private equity. Before his career in finance, Tom won a gold medal in sailing at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and paved the way for Australian high-performance sailors for years to come. In recognition of these accomplishments, Tom was also awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia.

Nanuk Asset Management was established in 2009 to develop world-leading expertise in the investment opportunities and risks associated with environmental sustainability and resource use efficiency. Nanuk does this by investing in globally listed companies associated with the broad themes of clean energy, energy efficiency, industrial efficiency, waste management, pollution control, food & agriculture, advanced & sustainable materials, water and healthcare technology. Nanuk takes an active, fundamental, valuation and research-driven investment approach. They incorporate positive and negative screening, ESG factors and values-based norms into their decision-making process.

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