Executive Share Schemes – Maximising the Opportunity

13 Nov 2019

By Sabil Chowdhury – Adviser & Partner at Koda Capital

An employee share scheme is often the single most important source of wealth generation for an executive over their working life, and such schemes come in different forms with different potential outcomes. For an executive to fully maximise the opportunity for this wealth creation tool, they must start by having the right structures and the right overlays in place.

Despite the fact that employee share schemes are often the most significant source of wealth generation the vast bulk of the executives we speak with at Koda Capital have found it difficult to cut through the inherent complexity of employee share schemes and maximise the opportunity for wealth generation these schemes represent. The aim of this paper is to:

  1. Help executives be aware of and understand the complexity that is often embedded within employee share schemes
  2. Provide an overview of how these schemes work in practice
  3. Assist executives to maximise the opportunity by using the right structuring, tax and investment strategies

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