Rising Tide: How Non-Profit Philanthropic Investors Approach Responsible Investing

30 Apr 2024

Over the past decade, purpose-driven investors have increasingly embraced the concept and practice of responsible investing. Today, many view investment capital through the prism of its real-world impact. Some go further and deploy capital with the deliberate intention of generating additional positive impact for their organisation, society and the environment.

In late 2023, Koda’s Philanthropy & Social Capital team conducted its inaugural For-Purpose Responsible Investment Survey to shine a light on the sector’s approach to responsible and impact investing. The survey was completed by a diverse group of over 120 non-profit, charitable and philanthropic investors from across Australia, including many well-known and highly-respected organisations. Our new report analyses and reports on the survey results. It is meant to be a valuable resource for for-purpose investors interested in ESG, responsible investment and impact investment. It charts growth and evolution in this important area and also highlights opportunities and barriers faced by for-purpose investors in Australia.

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