Koda Capital Launches the Koda Endowment

31 Oct 2023

At Koda, we’ve always believed in doing things differently and that our work in the community is a centerpiece of our culture. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Koda Endowment, a new and innovative approach to corporate philanthropy.

The Koda Endowment is empowering our people to follow their philanthropic passions and support the causes they care about. Thanks to a strategic partnership with Australian Communities Foundation, this unique endowment allows our staff to establish their own giving accounts, breaking away from traditional centralised models of corporate philanthropy.

Koda is committing 1% of profits annually to the Koda Endowment, a portion of which is used to match team member contributions into their giving accounts via their salary, amplifying their philanthropic capital and the impact they can have in the community. Over a 25-year career, an employee contributing $200 a month, matched by Koda, could accumulate a giving account worth $206,000, while donating $81,000 to charities along the way. Excitingly, 38 Koda team member giving accounts have been established in a matter of weeks.

In this Australian first, we wanted to create a lasting legacy for our people, their families, our firm and most importantly, the community.

– Paul Heath, CEO & Founder, Koda Capital


Since its launch in late 2023, the Koda Endowment has been featured in a number of articles including:

  1. A Philanthropy Australia article ‘Innovative corporate philanthropy empowers staff to give
  2. An Australian Communities Foundation article ‘Where Ambition and Innovation Meet: The Koda Endowment


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