Andrew Rado – Gone fishing; delivering sustainable returns through fisheries

27 Jul 2021

David speaks with Andrew Rado, Managing Director & CIO of Longreach Maris. A strategy that aims to provide an ecologically sustainable investment by delivering a robust alternative income stream, through scalable investment in the wild-caught fisheries Individual Transferrable Quota (ITQ) sector.

The total market capitalisation of Australia’s ITQs is estimated to be approximately A$22 billion, with the Australian wild-caught fishing industry a lucrative sector that operates within a highly regulated and sustainably managed framework. Individual fisheries are managed under a long-established quota system to achieve key sustainability and fishery industry management objectives.

Andrew has over 20 years experience as a Seafood and Agri executive, with extensive large-scale seafood industry, processing, export and strategic restructure and financial turnaround experience, within the Australian wild-caught seafood sector. He holds a PhD from Murdoch University and an MBA from UWA.

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