The Allies Program and the Koda Endowment

The Allies Program

In the early years of Koda Capital, all Koda team members came together to collaborate on the creation of our firm’s community engagement initiative: the Allies Program. This program harnesses our combined time, resources and skills to support the communities in which we work. For Koda, our community work through the Allies Program is a centrepiece of our culture. This commitment includes initiatives such as workplace giving, staff volunteering and the Koda Endowment, our corporate foundation.

The Koda Endowment - A corporate foundation with a difference

The Koda Endowment is the beneficiary of 1% of the company’s profits every year. The Koda Endowment empowers our people to be community leaders and philanthropists in their own right.  It does this by providing team members with the option to build their own individual/family giving account within the Koda Endowment. Team members make monthly contributions to their giving accounts via their salary, with contributions matched by Koda. This approach ensures that decision-making about Koda’s philanthropic giving is decentralised and allows team members to amplify the growth of their giving accounts. In turn, this allows them to contribute more to the causes they are most passionate about.

The Koda Endowment is important to Koda in a number of ways. It allows us to live out our values by giving back to the communities in which we work. It gives our team additional meaning and purpose to coming to work everyday and connects their families and communities back into Koda. We are building a lasting legacy for our people, our business and most importantly our community.
- Paul Heath, CEO, Koda Capital

Since its launch in late 2023, the Koda Endowment has been featured in a number of articles including:

  1. A Philanthropy Australia article 'Innovative corporate philanthropy empowers staff to give'
  2. An Australian Communities Foundation article 'Where Ambition and Innovation Meet: The Koda Endowment'

Please contact if you would like to learn more about the Allies Program or the Koda Endowment.