Commitment to Clients

26 Nov 2020

At Koda Capital, we take great pride in being independent.

We feel strongly that the decision to be independent is paramount to the process of acting in our clients’ best interests.

Depending on whom you speak with, independence can have multiple definitions. There is a legal definition put in place by the regulators to protect consumers, there is an industry definition used by firms trying to separate themselves from the concept of conflicted structures, there is a client definition that embraces the notion of achieving better outcomes through receiving unbiased advice, and there is an overarching definition that encapsulates all of the above.

For us at Koda, satisfying any less than all definitions is unacceptable, and we have taken deliberate steps to allow us to say we are independent.

Our Commitment to Clients highlights what we stand for as a business, and following it ensures we deliver on our promise of being independent – our promise to our clients, to the profession, and to ourselves.

Koda Capital’s Commitment to Clients:

  1. We will always be independent and free from conflicts of interest that affect our advice.
  2. We will always put our clients’ best interests first – across the full range of investment, execution and advice services we provide.
  3. We will agree, in writing, the services we will provide and deliver those services to the standards we promise. Our clients will have access to the best solutions available – not just a list of products restricted by commercial interests.
  4. We will only earn fees which are paid directly and transparently by our clients, and if we were to receive any commissions they will be fully rebated to our clients for their benefit.  We will detail the basis on which the fees are charged and will discuss them with clients at any time. Clients have – and will always have – full discretion to choose the type of fee structure that works best for them: be that on a fee for service basis, transaction basis, or asset basis. We believe that as advisers we should be rewarded according to the quality of advice and services we provide, not by our ability to promote specific products.

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