Preparing and Managing Your Estate

25 Jan 2024

Considering asset protection and reviewing wills and estate matters can be a highly emotive process, but it is time well spent. In our experience, when clients seek advice on these topics it provides peace of mind to know that they are well prepared for all the complexities that families and emotions can bring to the table.

Koda Adviser & Partner David Clark recently published ‘Keeping it in the Family’, a podcast episode with David Sekel, a lawyer specialising in asset protection and estate planning. Throughout the episode the two discuss the importance of safeguarding wealth for future generations. David also shares insights from his experience working with families with significant wealth, focusing on creating strategies for wealth preservation and succession.

The ‘Keeping it in the Family’ podcast episode can be found on Koda’s site at

Asset protection and estate planning can be both emotional and technical, but when professional advice is sought early in the process of planning the investment will pay dividends for years, and possibly generations, to come.


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