Responsible Investment – Using Your Capital for Profit and Purpose

02 Aug 2023

Are you considering ESG, Responsible and Impact Investments? Advisers at Koda Capital have taken many families and organisations on this journey.

Along this journey, common questions arise such as:

  1. What is responsible investment?
  2. Why are investors shifting to responsible investment practices?
  3. How do you align your portfolio and your values?
  4. How does Koda advise clients on responsible investment?

Koda published ‘Responsible Investment – Using Your Capital for Profit and Purpose’ to help clients answer these questions. The paper also introduces the concept of responsible investment and highlights how this style of investing can help successfully align capital and values. It is a reference point for individuals, families, non-profit organisations and charitable foundations who are curious about responsible investment, its evolution and how it can be implemented. The full paper is available to download at

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