Welcome to Koda

03 Nov 2023

Creating financial peace of mind for our clients is our ultimate goal at Koda. When introducing ourselves to prospective clients it’s important we explain who we are and how we accomplish this goal.

More often than not, an investment mandate is at the foundation of the work we do for clients. The mandate covers managing the wealth of our clients, and those clients include executives, business owners, retirees, families, and philanthropic organisations. In addition to offering investment strategy services we also assist with philanthropic advice, tax & structuring as well as family leadership.

Koda is built on three key pillars of independence, staff ownership and working with our clients as a boutique trusted partner.

Our independence eliminates potential conflicts of interest, and it creates an open environment where the focus is purely on advice in the best interest of our clients.

Every Koda employee owns equity in the firm, and through this boutique partnership structure we can act as entrusted long-term advisers. Clients benefit from the alignment that comes with the longevity of their relationships with Koda.

Delivering financial peace of mind allows our clients to enjoy better outcomes for themselves and the people and organisations they support.


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