Koda Capital’s Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan Receives Formal Endorsement by Reconciliation Australia

15 Dec 2022

Koda Capital is pleased to announce that our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) has received formal endorsement by Reconciliation Australia.

Appreciation of our clients, our colleagues, and the communities we serve is a core part of our culture and we are proud to have worked together to present this RAP. Koda’s business is built on trusted relationships, and we deeply understand the importance of integrity and mutual respect. While this plan is the very start of our journey, we hope that it serves as a strong base on which Koda can contribute to reconciliation with Australia’s First Nations peoples.

We thank Reconciliation Australia for their guidance in the development of our RAP and we look forward to ongoing collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on our journey.

Click here to view Koda Capital’s Reconciliation Action Plan.

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