Koda Wins ‘Best for Sustainability’ in Prestigious Euromoney Awards

22 Mar 2024

In the recently released Euromoney 2024 Private Banking Awards, Koda Capital was named ‘Best for Sustainability’. This is the second year in a row that Koda has won this award, and this recognition reflects the investment Koda has made in its capability and offering in this space.

The Private Banking Awards for 2024 have been researched and managed by Euromoney’s research team and external judges, and have also incorporated editorial advice.

As highlighted by Euromoney alongside the awards press release, Koda won the award “thanks to its expertise and distinctive approach to this area.”

The independent wealth management firm specializes in four core offerings: structuring and tax; investment strategies; succession and estate planning; and advisory services for non-profit, philanthropic and impact investors.

Across all these areas, sustainability and social responsibility is a key focus for the firm in advising clients – and it is also a core value of the firm itself.

Last October, it launched Koda Endowment, a new and innovative approach to corporate philanthropy in partnership with the Australian Communities Foundation. The endowment allows its staff to establish their own giving accounts, breaking away from traditional centralized models of corporate philanthropy.

As part of this, Koda is committing 1% of profits annually to the endowment, a portion of which is used to match team member contributions to their giving accounts via their salary, amplifying their philanthropic capital and the impact they can have in the community.

Full results and more details on the awards can be seen at euromoney.com


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