The Koda Capital Board supports the Voice to Parliament

30 Aug 2023

The Koda Capital Board has released the following statement in support for the Voice to Parliament:

The need to embed reconciliation with First Nations peoples has become an important aspect of Australia’s social, cultural and economic fabric. It is essential that individuals, organisations and governments play their part in creating a more equitable society that recognises and respects the cultural heritage and rights of First Nations peoples.

We acknowledge our responsibility to work towards achieving better outcomes for First Nations peoples and that is why in 2019 we chose to be a signatory to Philanthropy Australia’s open letter in support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart and why we have commenced our reconciliation journey through our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Koda’s Board proudly supports the recognition of First Nations peoples in the Australian Constitution through the Voice to Parliament.

The Voice to Parliament Referendum provides all Australians with the opportunity to take an important next step towards reconciliation. As an influential voice in the Australian financial services sector, particularly in the areas of Philanthropy and Social Capital, Koda has taken the responsibility to facilitate education and awareness for our staff as key elements of our ongoing commitment to reconciliation and to enable every individual to be in a position to make a fully informed vote.

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