Andrew Sinclair – 20% Returns from US natural gas assets

12 Dec 2022

Andrew joins David to discuss the Longreach Energy Income Fund, a fund that targets a total return of 20% p.a. (net of fees) inclusive of an income return target of 8% p.a. by investing in US energy through real assets, such as producing land and mineral interests.

As economies transition towards a future global energy mix increasingly powered by renewable energy, Longreach argue that natural gas offers the most sustainable bridge to greener technologies. Throughout the episode, Andrew covers the investment opportunity available in US natural gas assets, and in particular how this compares to global counterparts including Australia.

Andrew has extensive principal investment experience in global upstream gas and oil, gained during a career that has seen him co-found and lead the London office for the gas and oil investment division of Macquarie Bank. He has particular expertise in transaction execution, financial modelling and structuring investments as well as identifying attractive projects and evaluating the commercial potential of assets.

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