Greg Mauro – Venture into education

03 Jun 2024

In this episode of Inside the Rope, David interviews Greg Mauro, founder of Learn Capital. The episode focuses on Mauro’s venture capital fund, highlighting its emphasis on educational investments and some of the well-known companies Greg has invested in. Greg shares his transition from a tech entrepreneur to a significant figure in venture capital, underlining his extensive experience in technology and entrepreneurial investments. The conversation also covers his ownership stake in Powder Mountain, the U.S.’s largest ski field, alongside notable tech entrepreneur Reid Hastings, offering insights into Greg’s diverse commercial interests. Additionally, Greg discusses his impactful role in the educational sector through his investments, aiming to transform educational outcomes with technology.

Greg Mauro is the Founder & Managing Partner at Learn Capital and oversees the investing practice of the firm. Greg previously managed an affiliate of Founders Fund and co-founded several venture-backed startups used by millions across the education, wireless, and media sectors. Greg has helped lead Learn investments in companies such as Coursera, Udemy, General Assembly, OnDeck, Ascent, Wave Neuro, and MindPortal. Greg is the co-founder of Edmodo, the world’s largest social network for learning with over 100M users. Greg also helped incubate and co-found Higher Ground Education, the world’s largest Montessori operator, where he serves on the board and is the largest investor. Greg has served on the board of NewGlobe — where Learn is also the largest investor — as the company has grown from serving one school to over 8,000, transforming the lives of over 3M students across Africa and India.

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