Lindsay Partridge – Laying the foundations for a successful

17 Nov 2020

In episode #73 of the Inside the Rope podcast Koda Adviser & Partner David Clark speaks with Lindsay Partridge AM, Managing Director at Brickworks Building Products. Brickworks is one of the world’s largest building supply manufacturers, and they have additionally grown to include a Land & Development division that maximises the value of surplus land created by their building products business. Lindsay outlines the firm’s origin and strategy, and also discusses its large investment in Washington H. Soul Pattinson that seeks to stabilise the returns from the more volatile parts of the Brickworks business. Brickworks is a diversified company that began in 1934 as a brick manufacturer. The firm listed on the ASX in 1961 and now has a market capitalisation of $2.2bn with over 1,400 employees.

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